Victorian Design – Interior Design Ideas to Decorate Victorian Style

28 Nov Victorian Design – Interior Design Ideas to Decorate Victorian Style

If plush, warm and comfortable interiors are your idea of a perfect home, Victorian Style should be your choice of décor. You can play around with tertiary colors, ambient lighting, antique furniture, textures and lots of fabrics for typical Victorian interiors. Given here are some simple victorian interior design ideas which can infuse Victorian flavor into your home.


 Antiques can be the basic theme of your Victorian home interior. Visit local flea markets or thrift shops to shop for some good antiques. Buy statuettes, figurines, candle holders and other intricately detailed metal and wood articles. Skim through your storeroom and see if your grandparents left some old pieces that you can use.

victorian candle holder

You can shop for furniture, cabinets, drawers, side tables, book shelves, mirror stands and framed wall pieces with intricate carvings. These houses use a lot of cabinetry. A carved rocking chair can be a major highlight of your Victorian home interior. Wood furniture is typical of this style. Traditionally, oak, teak, rosewood and mahogany were used. But you can use dark wood or teak polish of wood furniture to give it a Victorian feel. Also, these furniture and cabinetry have rounded edges.

victorian rocking chair

Anything that has an antique appeal works well with this decoration theme. When you shop for them, get some metal figurines as well so that they break the monotony of interiors which are dominated by wood and fabrics.


 Replace the drapes of your home with heavy floral patterned ones. You can also use floral patterned or striped furniture covers, table clothes and rugs. The fabrics used in Victorian design are silk and velvet since they blend in perfectly with the opulent theme of these interiors. Prints on fabrics can be of both types – self colored or contrasting with the background shade. Fabrics are used extensively for room partitions.

victorian fabric

Colors used in Victorian home interior were traditionally natural shades of tertiary and primary tones. So, you do not have bright whites and yellows in this décor. The best choices are beiges, creams, different shades of greens, reds and browns. Deep purple can also be used as accents.

Walls, floor and lighting

Floral wall papers make wonderful accessories. You can combine floral prints with checks or stripes done in homogenous colors as well. Walls of the Victorian era were very ornamental with lots of oil paintings, portraits and heavily framed pictures and needlework. Stained glass windows are also typical of these interiors.

Floor is usually sold wood. However, you can use engineered wood or laminated wood to cut costs. These are easier to maintain as well. Use thick and soft carpets generously for the typical Victorian feel.

Chandeliers made of heavy glass, metal and crystal dominate Victorian lighting. Ambient lighting should be used since the rich colors look best in this light.

Victorian homes are characterized by a lot of antiques, furniture and accessories. They are not airy and spacious like the contemporary décor. So, you need to really careful about the right placements so that the space does not look congested. For small homes, this style is not very suitable.

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