Pros and Cons of Carpeted Floors – Should you Roll Out the Carpet?

28 Aug Pros and Cons of Carpeted Floors – Should you Roll Out the Carpet?

Carpets add great drama and class to your space. However, there are a couple of disadvantages of having a carpeted floor. Here are a few pros and cons of getting a carpet floor.

Carpets are a great addition to the interiors of a space. Whether it is your home or office interior, carpets add a lot of drama and detail that looks very rich and classy. Also, with the number of choices available, you can really widen your ideas for your décor and play around with colors and textures. It is not just the color but the thickness and fabric of the carpet that can give different finishes and looks. So, you can create a unique design for each room. A good quality carpet in a nice neutral tone can make your space really inviting and cozy.

Advantages of using carpets

Carpets are great to provide insulation to a space. Imagine a warm carpet spread out in the middle of the cold winter season! You can save your feet from icy cold floors. Also, carpets keep the room warm by absorbing heat during the day and emitting it during the other half of the day.

Unlike a hardwood or tiled floor, carpeted floors do not allow heat and cold to radiate through the flooring. The good thing about an insulating surface is that you not only keep the space comfortable, but also cut down on heating and cooling costs. You can stay stylish and even keep your bills under control. Carpets also provide great insulation against sound. You can cut down on the echoing effect.

Another major advantage is that carpeting can be done on any kind of surface, be it concrete, stone, tile or mosaic. It is more cost effective to carpet the floor than to pull out the flooring and redo it.

Disadvantages of carpets

The downside with carpets is that they are an expensive affair. Wall to wall carpets can cost as high as $4000 if you choose pure wool. You can get cheaper imports but they are not the same quality and do not look as good.

Besides, carpets are really hard to maintain and expensive to clean. A wine stain or a sauce stain can be quite a nightmare when it comes to carpet floors. If you have a pet at home, it is even more difficult. If your pet ‘dirties’ the carpet, the smell is almost impossible to get rid of. Not just pets, even having an infant at home can be hard with a carpeted floor. Not only do you have to worry about the carpet getting dirty, you also have to keep an eye always to make sure that your infant does not get affected by the dirt and dust on a carpet floor.

Carpet floors are also very hazardous to the health of people with respiratory problems. Carpet tends to hold dust, allergens and moisture. So, the biggest problem with moisture is the growth of mold. This causes serious issues for people with breathing problems and allergies. Even infants who are sensitive can have lot of problems if the carpet is not cleaned from time to time. Regular vacuuming on a regular basis is necessary.

Another issue with carpets is that any damage caused is difficult to repair. That leaves an ugly scar on your home interiors. So when you are choosing carpet, you should know that it is not a one-time investment.

Many architects in delhi and architects in gurgaon would advise against use of carpets in high traffic areas.

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Pros and Cons of Carpeted Floors
Advantages and disadvantages of using carpet flooring for your next project.
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