Neo Pack

Project: Neo-Pack, Office Interiors

Location; SAS Towers, Gurgaon

Our Role: Office Interior Design

Area: 1200 Sq.ft

Time: 30 Days

Overview: Neo-pack is a growing cosmetics packaging player and got in touch with us for its new office interior at Sas Towers, Gurgaon. The brief was to create a modern yet elegant and simplistic space. Requirements included 2 cabins, 1 MD Room, 12 workstations, a small meeting room, a pantry and a reception area. We were assigned the task of the interior design development and construction documentation.

The final design as you can see above contained simple yet elegant elegant elements. The MD room was created around an earthy color tone with beige travertine cladding on the columns, Sapeli veneer in a monolithic pattern and matt polish for the main wall, a simple beige/yellow wallpaper in vertical stripes to make the room look larger, a beige carpet and a modern system based desk and a brown leather sofa arrangement with a polished botticcino marble center table.

The workstation area was out laid in a simple monochromatic tone with a grey carpet tile, white system based desking and a splash of almond green lacquered glass to serve as the highlighter.

The Pantry interior was more modern and funky with a  brick  wallpaper, high gloss orange shutters and vinyl coffee graphic.

For more info and to view the complete construction and interior documentation set for this project please email us at