Project: Mahindra Comviva’s, Corporate Office Interiors

Location : Sector-34, Infocity, Gurgaon

Scope of Work: Corporate Office Interior Design & Fit-out

Area: 3400 Sq.ft

Time: 30 Days

Overview: Our scope of work entailed interior design and renovation for Mahindra Comviva’s corporate floor. The area comprised 3400 Sq.ft out of a total area of 1,20,000 Sq.ft. with a mix of manager cabins, 2 board rooms an MD room and a reception area. The project involved submissions of interior design concepts, color palette selection as per the corporate theme and 3d visuals for the design part. Thereafter we were allotted 30 days for the execution and fit-out of the same. The entire sit was aligned with the corporate theme of red, grey, white and black. The elevations comprised of a mix of laminates, fabrics and paint. For workstations and desks we used system based furniture with metal frames and laminated tops. The MD room interior design comprised of a medium brown melamine polish on veneer to give it an upmarket look.

The special feature came at the reception wherein we had a large scale world map made from red acrylic that was laser cut across many sheets and then pasted on the wall like a puzzle. The backdrop for the map was a customized graphic comprising of various stock images pieced together to form a collage. If you look closely each image of the collage depicts an individual on the phone and they all represent various nationalities. This was to showcase the companies global reach and domination in the mobile value added service sector.