Interior Ideas for Small Office Spaces

11 Sep Interior Ideas for Small Office Spaces

With rising rentals in Delhi NCR over time, offices have shrunk considerably in size leading to smaller and smaller offices. However interior designers in Delhi Ncr have been clever to utilize every inch available and deliver efficient yet non cramped offices. Small offices with adequate storage space will help in systematic and organized work. This will also minimize the mess that is usually created while working.

Office requirements usually include furniture, gadgets, equipment and adequate lighting. These elements make the office space functional. In small offices space becomes a major concern and creating a spacious environment without affecting the functionality is quite challenging. However, various ideas for small office layouts can help you make them look spacious.

Minimal and Apt Use of Furniture

Furniture is an important aspect in an interior office design. Since employees work for long hours, comfortable furniture must be selected. Try to choose contemporary furniture that occupies less floor area. This will help in creating easy mobility and make the rooms look spacious. Desks with underneath drawers and shelves can simultaneously be used for storing files and other important documents. Built-in tables are also great for small office spaces. Make sure the furniture is matched properly. Mismatched furniture not only looks disproportionate but makes the room clumsier.

wall mount table

Storage Space

Try to include as many hidden storage areas as possible. This will help you to deal with the clutter that is created unnecessarily during working hours. An office, whether small or large, looks neater and more spacious when it is organized properly. Create as many shelves and utilize space vertically as much as possible. For small office spaces, try to make use of vertical shelves as they allow large storage spaces with minimal floor area. Wall mounted shelves and cabinets are great as they are attached to the wall. You can also create storage spaces under the chairs and the desks. Overhead cabinets on the desks also help in utilizing the top free space. The corners of office spaces are usually neglected. These areas are small and cannot accommodate large tables but a small corner table with drawers or a corner rack can easily fit in and enhance the storing capacity. You can also purchase customized storage cabinets and shelves and make divisions as per your requirements. The main idea is not only to create more storage spaces but to make sure that the practical aspect is not hampered.

small office storage

Walls and Partitions

Wall paints play a major role in the overall office interior design. Lighter and neutral shades are best as they make the space look brighter and larger. You can also go for bordered lines in a darker shade. This gives the rooms a defined shape. See to it that the color of the walls and the color of the furniture complement each other. Every office needs to be partitioned in accordance with the business requirements. However, avoid full-length concrete partitions as they make the rooms look quite small and clumsy. Glass partitions or cubicles are better options. You can also add mirrors on the wall to create an illusion of more space. However, an open office format makes working easier and makes it more spacious.

office wall mirror


Lighting is a very vital element in an office space. The type of light depends largely on the nature of your business. Overhead built-in lights over each work station provide appropriate lighting. Recessed canister lights fixed on the ceiling are also quite effective and do not occupy spaces like standing lamps or table lamps.

So, with the right kind of planning, you can make your small office space look spacious and still be highly functional.

recessed lighting ideas

Other Tips

Try and have a single gallery or common passage for movement around the office. Usually linear workstations along the wall serve as the most efficient type of furniture for staff. Use carpeted floors and insulated partitions for sound absorption. Choose a higher false ceiling, you can view various types in this article on false ceiling types.

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Interior Ideas for Small Office Spaces
Learn about important aspects that affect the aesthetics and functionality of a small office. Use furniture, lighting and elements such as storage to your advantage.
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